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Asda Nuneaton

Demolition of the existing forecourt structures and the decommissioning and removal of below ground fuel infrastructure dating back to the 1960’s. The construction of a new six pump automated petrol filling station consisting of 6no. four hose pumps with 2No. 75,000Ltr fuel storage tanks.

Completion of an asbestos survey prior to demolition identified asbestos and asbestos containing materials within the fabric of the existing structures. This was removed prior to demolition and disposed of in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Due to the location of the site there was the possibility of unexploded ordnance (UXO) from WWII. A UXO risk assessment was completed and suitable control measures put in place to safeguard site operatives and the local community. Alongside this there was contaminated ground present as a result of a post war dye works on the site and Japanese knotweed which both required specialist disposal.

Site access was shared with the ASDA supermarket which remained open throughout construction. As part of the scope of works the road was to be widened to accommodate a new filter lane for the petrol filling station. This required expert planning and traffic management system to avoid any disruption to the store.

Out of hours working was also employed for surfacing works to the road as a strategy to minimise any disruption. Client relations were maintained through regular meetings with the store manager. This ensured continuity of vital communications and provided the store with regular updates of site progress.

Due to the size and location of the site a delivery schedule was devised to avoid peak times and a just in time delivery process was utilised to maximise working space on site.